FuckupNights KL
By Maverick Follow | Public

Tired of events that always talk about success stories, fluffy tales, and unicorns? Bored of meetups that are just a feel-good, sunshine and rainbows ego-fest? Think you can learn more from real, dirty and gritty failure stories (codename: fuckups) instead?

Then get your ass over to FuckupNights Kuala Lumpur! Brought to you by Impact Hub KL, Tribalogy Studios and the KICKASS team behind KICKSTART.MY!

FuckupNights is a global movement that has gone to over 100 cities; and this time around, we’re adding in our local flavors, yaw! Expect nothing less than awesome jokes you only hear at back-alley mamaks, epic stories that rival 1MDB strapped to a C4, scandalous grilling sessions that government bodies will put us in lockup for, because ....wait for it--- yang paling busuk pun (that means worst comes to worst), we’ll just fuckup and feature ourselves in the following month’s meetup!